Girls, what do you think about this look?

I have been wearing clothes like this for a while, your opinions or suggestions on how to make it look better.

hat: link

For a shirt I usually wear thermals black white blue pretty much every color.

Then these shoes and jeans.

Am I doing good? What can I improve on?

I don't wear this every day but like once or twice a week. Just wondering what you thought of this look.


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  • Thermals in EVERY color? You sound a bit boring, but typical for a teenager. You will find your style as you get older. I say you have a basic and comfortable style. Are you looking to change up your look? Try some button up shirts, worn alone or with a vest or blazer over them for a polished look. If you're into skinny jeans (or not), pair them with a cool graphic tee, plain is also fine and a leather jacket and sneakers for a cool, laid back look. Fitted hats are nice, be sure not to wear the same one too often. Also, it's not always about the clothes you wear but HOW you wear them. The key to good style is to keep people guessing about what you'll wear next.

    • Haha I don't just wear straight thermals my closet isn't like spongebob's with the same outfit, I have plenty of t shirts, different pants, button ups, flannels, I have a dope leather jacket, I got some other kicks too nikes pumas converse vans , you know. This was just kinda like a basic thing I wear maybe once or twice a week. I always liked how clean thermals look I was just wondering what it looked like through other's eyes.

  • Don't wear the hat, especially if its to the side. You'll look like one of those wanna be douche bag gangsters that don't know how to dress themselves with there pants half way down there ass.


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