Guys, which of these outfits on a girl would be a head-turner? Which one would make you jaw-dropp and say DAYMN?

Let's say the girl is model-like: tall, slim, big boobs, small waist, nice booty, tight stomach, long legs, long brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. Which one of these outfits would make her stand out, which one would make you go crazy for her and think that she is a totall femme fatalllllle?

Which one of these makes a girl stand out (and don't say people don't only value looks, personality is important as well. I know, but if you see a girl on the street/club/bar you don't know her personality, yet, you ar finding her SEXY)

  • Tight long sleeved crop top (light color), yoga pants (light color) , wedges
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  • Pink crop top and EXTREMELY short denim daisy dukes (shortest shorts possible), converse
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  • Black bralette and a long black tight lace see -threw skirt underneath wich you can see pants (it's a part of the skirt), sandals
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  • Skin tight knee-lenght red dress with BIG Cleaveage, black stilettos
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  • Little black SKATER dress (with the flowy skirt part that is moving on the wind ;) ), thick high heels
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  • Bodycon very short bright colored sequined dress, pumps
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  • If it's not listed add your choice in comments :D
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Most Helpful Guy

  • In this order

    B - I love girls in Short Shorts & Crop Tops & Converse - such girls are my absolute favorite ;)
    G - It's not listed so I'm adding t-shirt & tight sweatpants & adidas sneakers
    Or - Tank Top & Skinny Jeans & Nike sneakers
    C - I also like girl in yoga pants, but I don't like wedges.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think most guys like girls in short shorts :)


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What Guys Said 4

  • This will do. Commando all. around

    • Oh, Zoe... xxx😍😍😍 1 of the most beautiful women in da whole frickin world!
      Classy choice by the way

  • I like the sound of C - It sounds most subtle which would be my preference

  • i don't know what any of these things are, so i want to say plaid overall dress that just barely goes past the ass with black thigh highs and a lot of cleavage

  • The red dress would probably get my attention better than any of the other outfits

    • Ok thanks. Is it because it is scientifily proven that red is the most eye-catching color? Is it only bc of the color or because of the tightness and the boobs. Also, wouldn't you mind that it's not short enough (knee-lenght?

    • I think it's a combination of the color and the fact that I don't see girls walking around in really tight dresses everyday

What Girls Said 1

  • Um this type of dressing gets you bad attention and screams desperate or slut