What do you look for in a girl?

what turns you guys on? what do you look for in a girl?


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  • 1. Responsibility

    2. Stability

    3. Intellect

    4. Organization and Cleanliness

    5. Respect | Self and Partner

    6. Communication Skills

    7. Physical, Mental, Emotional, ( optional ) Spiritual Wellness

    8. Cooperative

    9. Reasonable

    10. Friendly

    11. Financially Knowledgeable

    12. Contributive

    13. Some level of self-sufficiency.

    14. Understanding.

    And of course:

    15. Loving.

    • Good to see that not all guys are demanding lol I'm messing :P its good to have high standards :)

    • Yep..these are the standards that actually CAN be considered standards! I like it! :)

      Shows maturity and 'spiritual wellness'... haha ^_^

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  • She should be smart, a great communicator, honest, confident.yet not cocky or arrogant. Someone who likes to explore life and try new things. Someone who can make any situation romantic. I have a twisted sense of humor, and I get joy in making a girl laugh to the point she is in tears from laughing so hard. Someone who is affectionate and playful, I still enjoy a good pillow fight, A lady one minute, elegant in a black dress, and jeans with a water hose the next!

    just be employed.(no freeloaders!) Someone who likes to laugh, and can laugh at herself as well. I have a great imagination, and it would be cool to meet someone who is also creative.

  • I'm strongly of the opinion that what's inside a woman is what matters most. For this reason, I'm still searching for a woman stuffed with 1,000-dollar bills.

  • I won't lie i like a girl who is 5'5 or taller preferably around my height i tend to like white girls and i like some good measurements around 36-25-36 I look for average face and a lot of times i am bad at judging a girls measurements and height so i am not too strict on these so long you look average but the important stuff are the next having a strong mind not someone who cries for everything and can't take a joke or can't handle stress i look for a good sense of humor and someone who isn't manipulative with at least a little bit of general knowledge in her head by that i mean more brains than what her puppy does or what the celebrities are wearing as an extra bonus she is so deep she reads philosophy and poetry and actually has a fucking opinion about it other than "I don't get it"

  • Pretty much what Blackkid said...

    I'd love it if she had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a great body as well! :)

  • Just some things in no particular order:


    -Physically Attractive

    -Down to earth

    -Carries on a good conversation

    -Takes good care of herself

    -Nice and loving

    -Shorter than me

  • I like girls who are funny, loving, attractive, intelligent but most of all, loyal : D

  • I don't necessarilly have anything specific that I look for. For all I know, I may end up with someone who is the complete opposite of what I think I want. I get to know the girl, and then I ask myself if this is someone that I would consider dating. As long as the person is trustworthy and fun to be with, that's the only qualifiers that I use.

  • In terms of a possible relationship:

    1)not a "whore"

    2)can keep a conversation going easily

    3)not completely stupid

    4)shorter than I am


    6)not a constant drinker, never a smoker

    7)she will tell me if she wants to do something


    9)self conscious(she tries to look good, dosen't look like she just woke up)

    10)not a lot of makeup(some is fine)


  • In this order:

    1. Intelligent

    2. Physically attractive

    3. Sense of humor

    4. Independent/Not-clingy

    5. Self-control (not an alcoholic, drug user, etc.)

    6. Fun

    7. Loving/Loyal


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  • The things that I look for in a man are:

    - honesty

    - intelligence

    - down to earth

    - funny

    - affectionate

    - taller then me

    - nice smile

    - nice face. they don't have to have a perfect body, but a nice face.

    - holds an interesting conversation

    - is spontanious

    - has a passion and drive in life

    - isn't lazy and rude

    - has respect for himself, his friends, family and ofcourse me.

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