Girls, do underwire bras work?

How do they feel?
do they hold you up better?
do they stop your boobs bouncing?
can you feel that the wire is there?
any thing else to add?


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  • Yes it works.
    I have large breast and it's the only kind of bras I buy. It's impossible me to bye another types of bras. Though, it takes more that that.
    They do hold better but underwire in itself doesn't prevent bouncing. it's about the shape as well.
    I obviously feel that there's something but you get used to it


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  • Some are better cushioned than others, so they offer more comfort. However, an ill-fitting underwire bra will dig into your skin.

    I still prefer a softcup bra over an underwire.

    Why are you interested in these things. I'm just curious. :)

    • From an engineering point of view bras are interesting things!

    • You mean boobs are interesting from a man's point of view :p

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