Heartbroken for Valentine's Day. What's a cute girl to do?

So I just cut off all is with my ex boyfriend the man I wanted to be with for several reasons. But now I don't have anyone. I'm a cite girl. ( chubby but still cute) What should I do for valentines day?

I got asked out by a friend but I think he just wants to get me drunk and try to f*** me so I turned him down.

I need to make some type of plans for that day or else I'm going to be really depressed and stuffing my face with ice cream and chocolate.

Any suggestions?

And sadly all my female friends will be with their boyfriends so I really don't have any other single chicks to chill with


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  • Go to a club. Don't drink. Dance and have fun.


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  • I think that you need to step back and take a look at the whole valentine's day idea. It's really not worth getting too depressed about. On the other hand- yes of course it's gonna feel sad. Believe me- I'm going through something a bit similar right now. And I don't know quite what I'm gonna do either. My mum says this to me: She broke up with her first husband and she didn't know how she'd get over him. And it was hard. Everyday that passed it became a little les harder. Until one day she was over him. Trust me...if you allow yourself a little time and embrace whatever your feeling and accept that to expereince grief is part of life. It will be fine and work out in the end. Just be a little patient and hang in there for a little while.

    Look after yourself especially well. You're vulnerable and you need to make sure that nobody takes advantage of that. Be careful. Hope goes well for you.