What do guys look for in girls?

whats are big turn offs ? and turn ons ?

what attracts guys to girls ?


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  • Many factors:

    1) A happy, cheerful attitude

    2) Physical beauty, butt, boobs, face, skinny, etc

    3) Intelligence (not all guys like this, but I think any guy worth dating would)

    4) A good personality - i.e. hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes

    More specific to me, I like girls who are techy, play video games, like nerds, I'm physically attracted to large breasts, brown hair, and blue eyes (I found this girl :D )

    • Those were great ! kinda picky but I understand haha

    • Exactly what I look for in a girl

    • Im sure most guys wouldve said generally the same thing

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