Looking him in the eye?

There is this guy that I like and he will lock eyes with me...or try. But then I turn my head because I'm embarrassed I guess. Help.


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  • Break your neck, get a neck brace.

    You're so silly, so you're embarrassed, let it be. Nothing is wrong.

    • Wtf?

    • Very common problem. Look him in the eye next time, say hi and introduce yourself.

      Body language says a lot. If you look away to the side it signals disinterest. If you look down it signals embarrassment. That feeling you get that forces you to look away only happens because you're unsure what to do next. So make eye contact, smile, say hi, and introduce yourself.

  • You're either uncomfortable in your own skin, don't think you're good enough, looking for attention, want control or an idiot. Either way, you have to figure it out for yourself. We can't tell you who you are.


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