Long or short dress on a short girl?

i know that generally floor-length dresses shorten a girl out, but is that just a girly fashion thing? do guys like long dresses or short dresses? (keep in mind this is for PROM, a very formal occasion haha)

I'm 5'1 and about 115 lbs (yeah bad.. I have quite the tummy but just this week I've started losing weight -- healthily!). long dark brown hair. dark brown eyes. pale skin, almost olive when tanned. 34D. legs are proportionally longer than the rest of me, so when I'm feeling confident I like to show them off. :)


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  • You sound like me, but I'm the gold colored version of you(Goldish skin and gold hair). I stand nearly 5'3! and 103 pounds. 30C breasts and my legs are longish as well.

    And I say go short! Short can be completely formal and makes you appear taller with the right hemline and heals. You want the hem to either hit mid-thigh, or right above the knee. I look super short and a little weird in long dresses and being a little clumsy I trip over the hem.

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