What temperature should I set my straightener to?

I just got a straightener and it has adjustable heat, this is my first time straightening my hair so... I have no clue what I'm doing.


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  • ok, what's the texture of ur hair like? straight, curly, wavy?
    and what temperature does ur straightener get up to?

    • I don't know how high it gose...
      It's wavy but on the curly side.

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  • i think it depends on your hair type... if you have fine hair.. it should be lower temperature if you have thick hair it should be higher temperature

  • You should use a lower heat if you want less damage to your hair.
    Also, you should use a heat protector spray. You do NOT want to damage your hair follicles because it can be a nightmare to fix it. Try to move quickly and don't repeatedly go over the same spot, in other words minimize the amount of time the heat is on your hair.

    It'll be less straight but healthier, which I always find the best look :P

  • Start at 150. Work your way up.

    If your hair is naturally straight you might only need 100-150

    If it's wavy probably 200-275

    If it's full blown curly maybe the highest setting

    And this is after you've washed and blown out your hair.

    Don't forget the thicker your hair is the more heat. And flat iron in small sections and layers.