Are looks really a deciding factor?

I always thought that the emphasis on looks was exclusive to the media and the female psyche. Until now...

So I've been talking to this guy for about 10 months. Its like a flirty friendship, but he always has said if we lived closer he would want to be with me. So today I find out he's been having sex with his best friend, let's call her Sarah. So he took Sarah's virginity and they are still currently fcking. I feel kinda mislead and used, but that's not what I am asking. He doesn't want to be with her, but me. I know that personality isn't a factor. She's his best friend so obviously he like her personality and my personality is far from dry. But even through I've never even seen what Sarah looks like, let alone even met her, I have a feeling he would rather be with me just because he thinks I look better?

So my question to guys is, Have looks ever been a deciding factor in whether or not you like a girl more than another and, furthermore, date them?


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  • No. Looks will get me to f***, not to date. He probably thinks your personality is more valuable and interesting and you are better for a long-term investment versus his "floosy" who's good p**** for a short while but nothing really much more.


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  • i'll be honest with you...

    i am pretty shallow.

    i have friends with awesome personalities, but since they aren't attractive I wouldn't date them.

    looks comes first.

    of course I wouldn't date a pretty girl who had no personality.


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