I'm worried what my friends will think of me?

I've been through such a rocky year and my start of this year was a little rocky too. I thought that maybe treating myself to dye my hair for the first time would help so I went from brunette to blonde hair for the first time. I'd never dyed my hair before. I just shaved off all of my hair because I felt so uncomfortable with it and it did not feel like me so I'm very excited to have my natural hair back again but the thing is that I'm so worried about my friends, mostly my two awesome guy friends. I'm worried what they'll think of me now that I have a bald head. I don't want them to think I'm weird or anything since it was a mistake coloring my hair but do you think they'd stop hanging out with me or wanting to be my friend when they see me? I'm very hard on myself so I'm panicking. They're good guys but I can't help but worry.


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  • Your true friends couldn't care less


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