Guys: Do you like it if we wear your clothes?

I'm just curious. I'd personally love wearing his clothes, should I ask for his shirt or just steal it? (lol, in a wrestling kind of way)

  • Yes, hot! (please do! It's yours!)
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  • It's OK; but it's still MY t-shirt damn it! (as long as you give it back)
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  • No, it's annoying. (please don't, I'd be pretty irritated)
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  • Rather not. (but if you really want to.. *sigh*)
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Please know that no matter how long ago I posted this question; I ALWAYS enjoy answers. Even if they aren't 'needed' anymore.


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  • it depends on the guy. but most guys would find it really hot if there girl wears their clothes. I personally would find it sexy and cute. you could take it but just make sure he is alright with it first, if he does'nt seem bothered then you can pretty much take it whenever you like

    Good luck, God Bless


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  • I've had a couple of girls ask for a used (but not dirty) shirt. I was always flattered.

    One time the morning after doing the dirty deed, she just put on my dress shirt to wear, and nothing else. Very hot!

    My suggestion: pick up the item that you want, look him in the eye, smile and say: "oh, this is mine now, by the way."


    • Oh, if you were over 18 I'd tell you what item of clothing to leave behind. :)

    • I'd love to wear a guy's dress shirt >=D can't wait lol

    • Ask a guy: good friend or boyfriend. He'll be flattered and girls can wear guys clothes all day, or just save the shirt to sleep in.

      I've had girls say: "OK, your scent has worn off, I need to turn this shirt in and exchang it for a new one" - again, worn, but not dirty. Have fun... D.

  • Asking for it is more dignified, if that's your style.

    Stealing it without his knowledge is downright dirty.

    The fight thing might be, um, interesting, though.

  • What, if anything, did you do? Be a bit forward and grab his unders or shirt! It is always better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

    Also, you can do a "trade"!

    Have fun!


  • Yeah I love it. Playfully take his sweatshirt from him, or when you guys are together wear his jeans or shirt or something. Definitely a plus, but don't just steal it without his knowledge and keep it from him.

  • Haha I honestly wouldn't mind at all :) I'd more than likely be flattered that she'd want to wear something of mine

  • I have had girls wear my Levi's and loved it! It turned me on!


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