Girls, I need a makover... please advise and help me on choosing the right style?

first a few pics of me:

Girls, I need a makover...please advise and help me on choosing the right style?

Ok. I know about different styles etc. however I am very very bad at layering and with colors (I have mild color blindness) and I feel very insecure about my style and look. I would kinda fit the hipstery type due to the fact I have the same sort of mentality and interests I guess.

The style I have now is just like casual... I wear like a blazer etc. for some special occasions. However I would like to have a completely NEW style.

1. I would like a new hairstyle. And when I say a NEW hairstyle I would like your opinion on a totaly new hairstyle. Please give suggestions

2. Glasses: Yes or No?

3. What kind of style would you think would suit me?

4. Any other suggestions about style/look


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  • You look so different with and without glasses - honestly I like the cute guy look so glasses are a plus in my book.
    Maybe grow your hair a bit more... but you don't have to. Not a big deal.
    Regular, James Dean sort of style would probably suite you. Classic yet a bit edgy.

  • 1. I love when guys shave the sides of their head and have longer hair up top. I feel it's universally flattering on men and is really "in" right now :)

    2. I like both! Maybe wear glasses some days and not others.

    3. Just a casual style, like long sleeve shirts that you can push up to your elbows, jeans, flannels.

    4. I say despite my suggestions, you wear and look however makes you happy. You already look great so I wouldn't sweat it! Don't worry about what anyone thinks. Just do what makes you feel like the very best version of yourself.