He doesn't notice me because he's too busy staring at the skinny girl passing by me.

We had a baby and its been a long time but I'm too busy at home and school to lose the wight. He would tell me that I'm the most beautiful to him, but then he looked at my stomach like I was disgusting. We attend university together and even when I am in front on him he doesn't notice me because he's too busy staring at the skinny girl passing by me. And when I try to catch up to him he will be checking out a girl while he is walking behind her and when she turns the corner he also turns his head to look at her a**. Its making me feel like I'm terrible and completely unattractive. And the fact that he's looking at the women in such a way, and he doesn't notice me because he's more attracted to them. What do I do?


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  • Are you talking about your boyfriend? If so, wait till he looks at them and then slap him in the back of the head. A slap to the back of the head is more intended as a "wake up call" than as something offensive. You don't have to pummel the poor guy or try to kill him, just a reasonable force to remind him you are noticing what he is doing.

    Lastly, I saw no reference to your relations with this man. Is he your current boyfriend / husband / fiance / what?

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Im talking about my fiance. lol. I've talked to him about it and he said he'd stop but then he came home and told me that he "talked to some people" and they said I was being controlling and needed to work on myself.

    • Being as your dating him, as your fiance, you have full right to discuss what bothers you (about what he is doing) with him. Ultimately your only choice to cope with it or find something to remedy the situation. I understand about being a mother and trying to support the whole family; however, if this situations persists, it will only stress you out and make you unhappy. He can still be a father and you can still be a mother when your not together. It's a lame choice, but it's the last resort.

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