Girls, how does a good looking guy become an Instagram model with 100k plus followers? process?

Because use a lot of times some guys with 2000 ish followers ARE as good looking as the ones with 2 million followers. I'm pretty sure I have the face and body. But what do I do? I don't wanna start a youtube channel or anything. Just an Instagram model.


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  • Follow people, comment on the people's pictures, use hashtags and so on. If people like your page they follow back.

    • Hmmmmm... if I do that (probably will) and don't get a 100 k followers... am I not hot enough? 😅😅😂😢

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    • Okay ☺☺☺ will do

    • Then you have to build up your confidence first :)

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  • You won't based on looks alone, because that's the difference between men and women. There's a reason why male models earn less. A man's vanity is only a small portion of the basket of qualifications a woman looks for.

    Just, please understand the economic reasoning behind this disparity and don't fuss over the wage gap.

    Your best bet is to show your personality. On Instagram alone, it's hard. You need to take funny pictures or amazing pictures that blow people away.

    • Duuuude... I'm a fucking future engineer. I'll be earning 100 k per annum in a few years.😏😏
      I'M NOT DOING this for money. I'm doing this to wake up to a hundred comments from random Girls around the world saying how hot I am. I have a fit body and a good enough face (is there a way to even measure facial aesthetics? )
      I mean there ARE loads of Instagram models who only post pics of themselves and get hundreds of thousands of followers

    • Male Instagram models that get 100k followers? If so, steal their formula and quit asking us fugly ass peasants.

  • Lol 1k crew trying to go 20 k crew chekin in

    > post jacked pics
    > become mcm of at least 5 famous sloots
    > post wcm pics of 5 famous sloots too to get their followers following u
    >post dank memes
    > conrgatz

    • How can I know if I have Facial aesthetics of Francisco Lachwoski or Young Brad Pitt or Leo Leonardo Di Caprio? Let's say I'm oblivious to people IRL. How can I know IRL?

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    • How can someone know, if they live in India?

    • @Djjdjdfh You don't have one single chick friend brah? Lol You kinda need one to confirm it

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