Has anyone else noticed? Pretty girls with ugly guys/ Ugly girls with hot guys?

Okay so I was looking around today and noticed these girls that looked like they came out of magazines with extremely ugly guys. Has anyone else noticed this? and I also noticed really ugly girls with hot guys.


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  • haha I've noticed it!... Personally I think in a lot of the cases the hot person is going out with an ugly person because it makes them feel better about themselves. Since they've always been hot they can't have competition with that in their relationships. I think it has to do with low self-esteem... but than again, they say opposites attract :)

    • Personally I think its them taking advantage of the others money friends and effort

    • But not all hot people have money or friends,,,,

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  • physical appearances isn't everything. I know I didn't think my last girlfriend was hot the first time I met her, but I still went out with her because she was fun to be around ( ok she had big boobs too :P ). but yeah now she's one of the most beautiful people in the world to me, even after I got the boot. attractiveness is completely subjective, looks are only one part of it.

  • Simple answer is yes. Its just the law of averages balancing itself out.There are more average and ugly people than beautiful. Because of that disparity, both sides are bound to meet.

    • Except that the "law" of averages isn't a law, beauty is subjective and therefore unquantifiable, and even if it were quantifiable the disparity between the ugly and the beautiful wouldn't affect any probability of them meeting, much less establishing a relationship. Proximity determines relation, not some abstract quality such as attractiveness. It's not like the ugly and the beautiful are two polar forces constantly gravitated towards each other.

    • The law of averages was a generic term to say that everything evens itself out. As for determining attractiveness, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but beauty has generally been agreed to fall within and quantified by the golden ratio. The simple thing to do would be to separate the two. Individuals that fall into the golden ratio, and those that don't. Proximity does determine relation, but that proximity has a direct relation of how the averages play out.

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