Girls, would a corset or long-line bra support me better?

I wear a 30HH and they are heavy! Wearing a bra helps with the weight a bit. Just wondering if something more substatial might help.


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  • I always heard that bras make womens breasts sag.

    I first thought about that myself without the use of the internet or anything because it always occured to me that women werent born with bras, so why should you need them?

    • Breasts that are that large can cause a lot of pain if not supported, not to mention bouncing everywhere.

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    • Yeah I would probably have a spinal curve!

    • Perhaps if you are like them. otherwise, I dont think so.

      and this site... yes I'm sure a man wrote it, LOL

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  • Try tying them together and then pinning them to your shirt

  • Get breast reduction

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