Are narrower faces more attractive?

I'm a man with a fairly wide face, and I have read that an ideal good looking man has a narrower face. Is this true?

Also, is there a such thing as facial narrowing surgery? What is it called, and how much is it?


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  • Different people are attracted to different things. Some people like wide faces, some people like narrow faces, most people don't particularly give a sh*t.

    • I think you're not realizing the seriousness of my predicament. My face is wide, and most ho's find wide faces ugly, at least according to this website. If this is true, then THIS is why I'm so damn ugly to females (they cringe at the site of me and look away quickly).

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    • No face narrowing surgery? Then what am I supposed to do? Make it longer so it balances out? And no thanks, about the picture. Oh and I call women ho's just because.

    • Oh. You're just a troll.

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