Which color should I dye my hair?

So I'm thinking about dying the tips of my hair soon and I can't decide if the color I want! 😩 Which do you think would look good? My hair is like a little past collar bone length by the way

Which color should I dye my hair?
Electric blue:




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I might not do it but I just wanna know if I DO go through with it.


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  • Go Kylie Jenner style and do the tips turquoise, that or blue because it compliments your skin color and I think it would look really good with he tips like that. You can always see if it looks good by dying your hair with Kool Aid first (it lasts 1-2 weeks) to see if you like it. Most people are saying red right now, but everyone fucking does red and I don't even think it looks that good.

    • Haha ok. :) Thanka. Does the kool aid ruin your hair though?

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    • My friends have done it and they said it actually doesn't, while its in your ends may look a little stiff but it really doesn't. But either way its a much better option because you get to see what your hair looks like dyed without the longtime effects of actually coloring, so if you don't like it you know it will only be in for a week or two. Because if you do the real coloring, you have to keep going back. So i'd try it out if I were you, and if it looks a little damaged on the ends after its all out, make a DIY organic hair mask, or buy a good brand. :))

    • and also for the blue, maybe a nice royal blue would look better since it flows better with your natural hair color.

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