How to get a girl to dress a little more provocative?

I have a friend and she is really goregous and I tell her this, but I think she could totally look a lot better of she dressed a little bit more provocatively. I'm not talking like showing a lot of skin, but maybe showing a little at least. Is this wrong? How do I get her to do this?

Maybe not even more provocative but wear some nicer clothes that make her look better, she already looks great but I think she could look a ton better if she was dressed in different clothes. But I'm a guy, what do I know. That's why I am asking.


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  • How to get a girl to dress a little more provocative?
    By telling a gal who values your opinion more than her own.

    Is this wrong?
    It's not wrong to me that you want her to dress more provocatively because she'd look better to you. I do think it is sort of off that you not only seem to think she'd care about dressing to suit you but are trying to get ways to make her dress to suit you. I state sort of as I find it not completely off since in my opinion most males seem to think the world revolves around their desires and gals are there to pander to it.

  • Well, it's your opinion but it's her decision, so don't push her in something she wouldn't like to do
    Good luck

  • Not any girl in the entire world would appreciate a man trying to change who she is. Let her be


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