Are a lot of women's tops shorter than men's tops?

When you see men and women wearing tops it looks like most women's tops are shorter so they sit higher up on the woman's body than men's tops do on men's bodies. Women's tops often sit right at the top of the woman's pants and around her waist and men's tops usually sit under the guys ass.


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  • Yeah, they are and I hate that. Your midriff and back get exposed everytime you lift your arms. But thanks to current fashion some tops are now long and flowy, which are way more comfortable and stylish in my opinion.

    • Yeah, I thought they were much shorter. There is one reason why I think they maybe shorter but I am not sure what you will think if I say it. LOL

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    • Not only that, but we look at the bulge too cause we're curious and if it's all covered up then we just have to wonder.

    • Oh yes, I knew women look at the bluge already. If it looks big women want it. lol

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