What's a piercing I can get that's not on my face?

When I graduate I want to be a teacher so I don't want any visible piercings because I'm a masochist at heart. I already have forward helix, 10g conch, tragus, 0g lobes, septum, neck/chest dermal, nipples, regular and inverse bellybutton, and 4 hip piercings. What is left?


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  • there isn't really a lot of piercings a teacher could get that wouldn't be visible , one of my ex gf's was going through to be a teacher or is trying to now , I know she has her tragus pierced and her belly button , at one time had multiple tragus piercings though. I don't think she ever had anything else at least not that I know of. a belly button be a fairly easy piercing to hide , if she still has it in she'll likely keep it pierced for a while longer I guess and be teacher with a belly ring.


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  • Industrial is cute and edgy if you wear your hair short or up a lot.

    • My cartilage is to thin for industrial, already tried that :(

    • Maybe its time to start investing in some ink? ;-)

    • I want to but that's a whole new addition to start lol

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