Does anyone have any tips for curling hair with a curling wand?

I have straight, thin hair but my hair doesn't hold in curls very well unless I put in lots of hairspray. I'm just looking for any advice on how to curl my hair with a wand, and how to hold curls in for longer without using lots of hairspray


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  • okay... the hairspray is not a good idea in large amounts. id try to get away from that if i were u.

    i have a few tips.
    1. dont wash it then curl it the same day, even if it's all dry. the curls won't hold because the hair products haven't left much of the natural oils in there. wait a day or 2.

    2. tease the hair a tiny bit with a comb so that it isn't completely straight.

    3. create ways for ur hair to be 'less straight' before curling it. putting ur hair into a number of little buns or plaits will make a huge difference.

  • Mine is exactly like that.

    It won't hold any curls unless I put a whole bottle of hairspray in it. And even then it doesn't last for more than a few hours