What Kind of Steam Punk fashion could I wear in public?

Go Modern Fashion. I know that in California, Spain, Japan, and UK might be very liberal to allow people dress up Steam Punk. I do not like provocative clothing because it is not my style. I like studs, goggles, and certain type of pants. Perhaps those nice shirts with coverage. Cool boots. I would design my room with steam punk.


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  • Not many know about steampunk but there are plenty of images online for what to wear, just scroll through them

    • I have two pinterest boards on steam punk stuff including fashion. I am not really an expert in steam punk, but I am looking for one. I wish that steam punk is the new fashion fad in the late 2010s as in this year.

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    • Thanks it's nighttime over here though

    • Nice to meet you! Bye! :)

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