Do you think she really has a boyfriend?

Do you think she really have a boyfriend?

Do you think she is lying?

Why is this girl lying to me?

I know this girl likes me?

Two weeks ago, we chatted on Facebook for like 3 hours. Then , at the end, She told me she got in trouble for getting into a guy's car. Then I asked if she has a bunch of boyfriends. She told me she only has one.

I don't really believe her! BECAUSE!

1. she's married to a girl, not pic of the guy ON Facebook

2. guy is single and no pic with the girl ON Facebook

3. This girl told me she has her cleat pierced a nd the next time she told me she didn't

4. This girl told me she has a tattoo on her ***, the next time I ask her she said she did not

5. This girl told me she drinks, when I ask her for real she says she does not

6. This girl told me she failed a lot of classes, and then the next time says she failed 3 grade and then tells me she did not fail the class.

She also kept on saying how she loves the guy to me annoyed the **** out of me. I later admitted that I would of have asked her out if she did not have a boyfriend and asked if she was seriously. She said yes and continue to says that she loves him a lot...

Do you think she is trying to show off, play hard to get, or just telling me she does not like me cause (She has shown a lot of hints towards me) Why would she keep on chatting tell like 1 in the morning and for the last 30 minutes talk about having a bf. I don't believe her because of the above statements. Do you answerers believe her?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Let's call this girl "Amy." Amy is a pathological liar..unless you're twisted enough to take lies and drama then you two will be great together. She can't make up her mind, she loves her boyfriend but she likes getting into trouble...maybe she doesn't have a boyfriend...She's putting you into a cyclone of lies...throwing you off, making you doubt yourself. It doesn't matter if she has a boyfriend at this point...If you can reflect and sum up one word about Amy, she's a LIAR.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Don't date someone that lies to you. Trust in a relationship is the most important thing. How can you be happy with someone if you are always wondering if she is being honest with you?

  • she's a liar. if you date a girl like this or are still interested in pursuing her knowing that she's a liar you deserve to be played.


What Guys Said 1

  • Whether she actually does or not is hard to say because of her constant lying. However, why do you want to be with a girl like this? As if this isn't frustrating enough, can you imagine a relationship with her? She sounds like the type that really likes attention from guys (note the 'S' at the end of guys).

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