Does your height matter?

hi, I'm a girl and I'm 5"11" tall

and I think the boys are a bit scared of me because I'm taller then them. really, I'm one of the tallest girls in my school.

how do you guys think about that?

well I'm glad to hear these comments, so there's still hope :P

they boys better start growing I'm waiting for them :P

thank god I stopped growing. still 5"11 and I'll always be :P

I don't live in the US and the continent where I live has taller Guys.

(that's what they said)


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  • I wouldn't mind (like tall girls, in fact) but high school guys may not be so enlightened or confident. Men may feel the need to "be the man" in the relationship, so only a very tall or very confident guy could feel that way with you;The height difference may seem intimidating. But you shouldn't change; The problem is definitely on their end, you should wait for a guy who likes you as you are instead of trying to make some guy who's 5'4" feel big. Feel big, feel good and be happy as yourself, you'll meet someone who loves you like that too.


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  • "the boys better start growing I'm waiting for them"--Lmao That made me laugh hon. You may not want to wait too long, 5'11" Is taller than many men will ever hope to be. Last I knew average height for caucasian males was around 5'8" And I'm two inches shorter than that at the age of 25, so I'm pretty sure I'm done growing. As far as height, taller women have never intimidated me, in fact I find myself more often than not more attracted to women a bit taller than myself. The issue lies with the fact that many women feel just as weird about dating shorter men as the guys do about dating taller women.So as long as the taller woman makes it obvious to me my shortness doesn't bother her, her tallness won't be an issue for me=P

  • You're right that boys are intimidated by your height. You can join the "Tall Club" to find tall men. There are other tall girls in GAG and you can discuss strategies with them.

    Dating (especially dancing) would be awkward, but there are guys out there who wouldn't care.


  • You're taller than me! But I don't think it would matter, unless you're the kind who likes to show off your height. Then I'd feel short and insecure.

    I don't know why lots of guys get so insecure when their girlfriend is taller than them.

    I'd think she's really cool. o_o

  • Dont worry about it girl grow faster than boys do in you're youth, soon all the guys will sprout up and you'll not even notice it.

    • Well I'm 6.2 so a 5.11 girl would be ideal, so as I said once all the boys start to fully grow there will be guys out there 5.11 upwards and then you will be sorted

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