Is a letter a good idea?

Me and my long-term boyfriend just recently broke up and I will say this; he was not the best boyfriend. But he was my first love and all and I still have such strong feelings for him. My question is this: I still have a bunch of his clothes and stuff so I was wondering if it would be pathetic or mature to slip a letter in there with his stuff about how I only wish the best for him and still care for him and that I hope he remembers our good times. Will that look stupid? Do guys even care about that crap?! Haha, please just help. He always used to tell me he knew that I was the only girl that ever truly loved and cared about him and I just want to remind him of that. :(


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  • It's touching. Do it.

    • Really?! or are you being sarcastic?

  • It's time to cut ties, and with the cutting of ties comes the loss of communication. Do not send your letter, because it tethers you to this male you could not work with.


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