Fashion help please Include pics?

Hey so I need some fashion tips.

Atm I wear a jumper from black green to red with either blue skinny jeans or normal stretchy jeans and either shoes or ankle boots.

Could u tell me colours that go together and any other advice?



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  • Any colour goes with dark denim, light denim however you want to stick to darker colours

    • What colours are good for winters?

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    • Aw I need fashion tips

    • You can just look up them there's a lot on google just type in "winter fashion" or something and what goes with what, usually you will pair something lighter in material if the bottoms are heavy and vice versa.

  • Black and white

    Soft colours like pink and white and beige

    Bold colours like red, and green, blue

    Warm tones like blues and greens and yellows

    Earthy tones

    Pastel shades

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