Stunningly Beautiful?

I have this crush on this one girl. She is so stunningly beautiful to me that ,when she is near, I am paralyzed. I can barely move let alone say anything to her. How can I get over this? I really want her to notice me. And how do I get her to notice me at that matter?


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  • This is fairly common. Guys find a girl they like and get so worried they'll lose her they start altering their own behavior and crap.

    Just express yourself dude. If she looks cute today, tell her exactly that, but don't dwell on it or whatever she says. Focus more on the conversation, listen to her, and if you have something to say, say it man. You should wait to really be attracted to anyone, because you dont' know them yet. She could be a bitch, recently single and messing with her ex, you just don't know.

    She could also be hoping some guy has the balls to have conversations with her too.

    Some of the most masculine guys are able to be vulnerable with women, but at the same time are totally unaffected by anything they or others might say.


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  • Sorry, but that is ridiculously cute. =)

    You just have to try talking to her... try to be, or seem, confident... just start small like asking how she is or a comment about the weather and try to take it from there. Conversations can lead from one thing to another. What always helps me talk to a guy I like is if I try to just see him as a friend and just stay cool.

    If you do stumble or something, there's nothing wrong with being a bit vulnerable and saying, "sorry...I just get really nervous when talking to you because you're so pretty." Don't make your explanation sound like some sort of pick-up line. Just something short, sweet, and endearing. Girls like strong guys, but we like ones who show that they are vulnerable... if guys are so strong, what better compliment than to have one nervous because of you? I don't know any girl who wouldn't think you being nervous was super cute...and a high compliment!

    • Thanks for the compliment.:-) Your advice sounds really good and I'm glad to here girls think being nervous is cute. That will make my job Thanks very much.

    • Of course! Again, I don't know too many girls who wouldn't find that endearing. Just don't start acting weird like ignoring her... so many guys (even ones who aren't even that shy) do that when they're nervous because of a girl. Its nerve wracking and makes a girl feel bad. When you see her, say hi, be social. Don't be afraid to show interest, just don't be "forward"... I'm sure you know what I mean by that too. =)

  • not sure if this will help but when your around her just take deep breaths

    this will help with your nervs.

    try talking to her and if you happen to freeze or rant it

    out cool it over with a joke like:sorry when I am around you I just cannot think straight or your beauty clouds my mind I know heaps corny but most girls like that:)




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  • The best thing I can tell yhuu to do ihzz be youself, and get to know her. Maybe she has noticed you but is too shy to do anything to do about it. So you, being the Man have to make the fitrst move...