How do I determine the best haircut for me?

Hello. I feel like my haircut just isn't that great, yet I have absolutely no clue what would actually fit me.. Does anyone have any tips and how did you pick your hairstyle?


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  • Pay attention to the shape of your face! No one really does this any more which is a little confusing to me, because any haircut looks good if it fits your face shape well.

    • I tried it once, but I couldn't really determine the shape of my face :s I will try again!

What Guys Said 2

  • My stylist always says, go find the celebrity you look most like facially, and they'll have a good cut.

    • I will try, thanks!

    • You bet, she also recommended looking for a celebrity with the same hair as you.

      I look nothing like James Franco, but we do have the same unruly mop of spiral curls.

      And his cuts usually look awesome on me. I'm sporting one now and its killin'.

      Good luck.

    • Oh shameless plug for my stylist:

      If you're ever in Bellevue Washington, call Salon Tewl and ask for Sarah.

  • Tell your barber to improvise and do something that he think would fit you. If he's a good barber than the results will be great.

    • I will try again! I tried once, but the barber just did exactly the same hairstyle as she did the time before. Time to find another barber.

    • Do so! You could tell her to do something different might keep things from turning out the same.