Eye contact! What does it really mean?

well that's basically the question. I'm always reading how some people play the whole eye contact game, you know look then look away, but honestly what does it mean? is it just flirting? does continuous eye contact show interest? I've been in situations were that game was just a game! didn't mean anything else. so people anyone care to unravel this mystery for me?


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  • Look Me In The Eye, And Tell Me The Truth!" I'm sure you've heard this said; you may have said it yourself. What does it mean? Why would someone looking you in the eyes make that person start telling the truth? It doesn't make the liar start telling the truth. When lair looks you the in the eyes and tells the lie, you'll likely know they are lying. The eye's are the window to the soul.

    Eye contact is a way to show you're sincere. To look someone in the eye is a way of showing you're interested in what they are saying. Eye contact don't communicate you're interested in the person romantically. However, no eye contact at all is a very good way of saying I'm not interested.

    You can come across creepy if you look someone eye ball to eye ball. That's not natural eye contact; it's more natural to look at the person's face above the tip of their nose. Look at the bridge of their nose or cheek bones.

    Eye contact is not a game; it's a polite friendly way to show someone you're interested in what they have to say.


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  • I still see it as kind of a game, a lot of times me and my guy friends will intensely look into each others eyes and we won't talk at all after, well just walk away. But it's definately more than just a game, it shows what your truly thinking/feeling (although I find it hard to read peoples eyes). Sometimes It can be considered as flirting or showing interest, which is usually why I play the 'games' with my guy friends haha. But even when I'm just talking to someone, I've always been taught to look someone in the eye when talking to them, sometimes I get too intense though because I'm never the first one to look away