How to suuuper thick hairrr? If you help me, you are awesome~?

okay so my hair is thin as fuck. as fuckkk! n its like sooo embarrasing. when i part my hair two it looks like rat tail n people at my school make fun its just soo saddening. so i need help. pleaase.
i used to use a lot of conditioner on my scalp and heat it as well so guess thats why my hair got effed up..
help mee will ya
Thanks, you are awesome!



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  • Get your hair thinned out at a salon. I have thick hair too and hair stylists just have a way of cutting and styling hair to make it more manageable. No amount of conditioner or treatments can replace a good hair cut for your hair type.

    • i have THIN hair

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    • Glad I could help =)

      Get the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner! I have a feeling it could help a lot ^^

    • i will surely check em out. thanks!!

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  • You can try taking biotin to start.

  • I also have very thin hair. It's genetic and hard to handle. Only thing you can do is preventing your hair from breaking by dry it naturally, don't use any heat, don't dye it etc.
    I would also suggest a volume shampoo and don't use conditioner. Maybe once a week but it makes your hair very heavy and takes out all the volume. With a little volume it looks thicker.

  • So you have THIN hair? Is your hair oily or not?

    Try some of these shampoos so that you don't put more stress on your hair. And if your hair is NOT oily, DO NOT wash daily.

  • First: don't wash your hair EVERYDAY.
    However, deep condition your hair much more often than shampooing it.
    Second: Use Karitin on your hair.
    Third: Don't use hair products such as moose, gel, hairspray
    Fourth: Take vitamins such as Biotin
    Fifth: when you do wash your hair, make sure you brush all knots out and sleep with a braid, this will protect the hair all night from knots and breakage.

    Hope this helps.

    • deep condition how

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    • just hair or scalp too?
      im jus confused that i heard putting conditioner on ur scalp can thin ur hair

    • Who told you that?
      Hair and scalp.
      Conditioner is supposed to make ur hair silky smooth.
      Not thin, other wise why does it exist?
      You know?
      But if you feel uncomfortable, do the research for your own sanity

  • Use volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray. Go to the salon and ask them for a layered hair cut.