How shallow can you go?

let's face it, looks are important & in today's society there is no escaping that. but I'm noticing more & more how judgmental some guys are of girl's body types/appearance.

now I'm not saying by any means that all guys are this way or that girls don't do it too. but in my personal opinion, for the most part, girls are much less focused on guys having a flawless physical appearance.

i notice that sometimes I see guys who stand around & basically rate passing girls. they asses how skinny/curvy a girl is, the size of their behind/chest. the other day I even heard guys proclaim their preference for girls who have a slight space between their thighs as opposed to girls whose thighs "rub together when they walk".

it's nitpicky & incredibly shallow.

so my question to guys is do you think it's fair to so openly criticize girls who don't hold up to your standard or beauty & if you take a second of consideration, is that standard too narrow?

i also notice that the guys who dish it are usually only average themselves. so why is it that some guys feel they are so worthy of such a glorious woman?

again, I don't want to generalize guys behavior but I'm curious as to how many people agree.

& to girls.. how many of you notice this behavior & feel pressure to be a certain size/look a certain way, in order to be wanted by guys?

by the way. when I say I see guys standing around doing about this, I'm talking about the guys I see around my college campus & such. it was also something I noticed in high school.


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  • i admit I have small prefereces but who doesn't. even so they are not so important to me, I prefer the girls personality to anything else. I think in general though most guys tend to just state a preference that fits in with the norm as in most guys are likely to find certain celebreties attractive and I think from an early age many of the preferences that guys have are moulded from early attractions that we had growing up. so its more or less just media influence and freinds liking the same that influence them, just look at the way different cultures have different ideal preferences, I think this is true with girls too, just look at twilight which was a hugely popular film and so many young girls grow up loving the main actor, same with singers and actors who otherwise would be average people but have that extra.stardom which is hugely influencial to young people which sticks with most people as they get older. I personally don't nit pick and after all its the small differences that make us all unique but no I don't openly critize but I wouldn't want too either. my standard of beuty is no one specific way because I don't just find one specific look attractive. I have a whole range that I think can be hot. whatever the girl is most comfertable with is the best :)

    Good Luck, God Bless


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  • I would never openly criticize girls who don't meet my standards. Believe me, I have taken it. I do well, and I have pretty high standards. I posted my pics in my profile; because, I answered a couple of "rate me" questions. If I "rate" someone it's only fair, she can see the person who's rating her.


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  • i've actually never witnessed this behavior at all. But from what I understand (and I'm making assumptions there), it's all talk. Guys can talk about a girl's body all he wants, but at the end of the day, he's going to go home with whoever he can get, whether it's the girl with the perfect body or the girl who has slight imperfections. And those guys are shallow losers, those aren't the kind of guys a girl would want to date or have a long term relationship with.

    I don't feel any pressure at all about my body because I know that my type of guy isn't the type to rate each individual part of my body on some kind of scale.

    • First off, thanks for the feedback.

      when I say I see guys hanging around I just mean around my college campus mostly. it was the same in high school as well.

      but I agree on your answer about feeling pressure.

    • Really? I know that some guys sit around and discuss which girls they think are hot. but I've haven't overheard anyone being that particular about a girl's body though

    • Yeeep. I hang around guys more than girls typically though so sometimes I hear some pretty unpleasant conversations lol