Why men look at other women when they are with us?

Well, this seam to be an hobby for my boyfriend. I am not jealous, but still I am feeling very hurt. I explained about this hundreds time, but, he say that he didn't do this and I am crazy and jealous. He say that he want an future with me, but, because of those things I can't evolute in relation.

Is always someone more then me, he find always something interesting at other women, but, you know, the most of times become obviously and the people start to look at me strange.

What you doing in those situations?How you resolve those problems?

I am desperate to find answers , why, what is wrong with me, but all the time I have the feeling that I am not what he looking.

How to resolve those problems?How to make him to understand that this is normal and that I have to be that one which his attention is 100%.


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  • EVERY MAN LOOKS AT OTHER WOMEN. I can't explain it I blame the modern society. They put sexy women and lower cut shirts and jeans more and more in our face every day. Me I love my girl and WOULD NEVER EVER NEVER cheat on her. No matter what. She is everything to me. But we need variety. So we look with no harm That's why there is Maxim, Hustler, Playboy, etc. NOW this is not always the case, some men try to look around to get the attention of other females, because they either want a lot of attention cause they are in love with themselves or because they want to cheat. You'll have to figure what type of guy he is on your own. Sorry, but good luck. :(


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  • Men are extremely visual people. We may look at other girls but it doesn't mean we are going to go and cheat on you with them. It's just how our brains are wired. You shouldn't take any offense to it. Unless it is an EXTREME constant event. Then it might be a problem.

  • First off, short of removing his eyes or performing a lobotomy you can't stop a guy from checking out other girls. period. Most guys check out other women whether they realize/admit it or not. Just because he's looking around doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or that he's looking for something else.


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