What would you like to look like?

In this day and age, appearance seems to mean a lot more than it should. Models are rail-thin and there seems to be an epidemic of bulimia and anorexia. There's just so much pressure to be perfect, skinny and tanned like the movie stars in Hollywood.

So what would you like to look like, ideally? If you didn't have to worry about the pressures from the outside world, if it didn't matter what we all looked like, How would you like to be?

Why can't your current appearance be perfect for you? What about yourself is hard to accept and be comfortable with?


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  • I'm Korean but I grew up in the States. I went back to Korea for the first time in 9 years. I was horribly discussed and disappointed to see what girls there go through. Having plastic surgeries on their eyes, nose, and even get their skin color lightened so that they would look more like Caucasians. Starving themselves so that they would be stick skinny. Removing their calf muscles because it makes their legs look fat! A person who's considered average in United States would be considered fat in Korea. It is quite sad.

    I guess it is okay for a person to do whatever to their body as long as it's not hurting anybody else. But I believe plastic surgeries DO harm others by setting the examples on others. To be honest, I was tempted. But I thought, they really don't do much. We are not always going to be beautiful. We are all going to be older and lose they youth that we once had.

    To conclude, I believe appearances are all upon how confident you are in yourself. I'm pretty happy with the way I look. I exercise regularly, I eat healthy. I have a boyfriend who thinks I'm beautiful. That's all that matters to me.


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  • I'm pretty happy/content with mine.

    If I had limitless power to change, and no external influence? I might get rid of a pound or two, or pick up some muscle for free, but I can easily do those at will. I'd just be saving myself the time required to get there.

    Why would I change (if only a little)? Because shedding even a pound has a meaningful impact on how much energy you have, and it would be nice to be able to cut a rug all night long without breaking a sweat. Both of those require not only development, however, but a commitment to maintenance, and that's time I'd rather be spending on other things. Unless, of course, it's free. :)

  • I do my best to work with what I got. I am not what Hollywood call a "HOT" but I know I am "HOT"

    I understand what is my strength and weakness of my body.

    I am 5'6" 150lbs small frame. yet I work out and keep my self fit.

    when I was younger I always want to be a bit taller. The avg height for guy is 5'9" so by mean I am running shy. and I am scare to approach woman who is same height or taller.

    but by understand my self I manage to overcome my fear and so call disadvantage. My height don't change, my attitude change. since then I am confident and I have no problem approach woman who is about my height or taller.

    my experience tells me dating a taller woman make you more man, you sure will have some bad look on you. yet I know he will not date anyone who is taller then him self.

    That really make me feel good.

    So, girls and guys learn what you have and work it to your advantage.

    As always be happy, be sexy

  • For the most part, I am good with how I look. It's my body and apart from some minor changes, there isn't much I can do about it.

    I can like or hate it. Hating it generally gets me laid less so I learned to like it.


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  • If there were no pressure from anyone else, I think I would be happy the way I am now. For the most part, I like the way I look, but I'm "flawed" by superficial standards.

    I wish my legs were thinner and my stomach was flatter. My family tells me I need to exercise and lose weight, my friends tell me I have an hourglass figure and I don't need to change. I do think that people should exercise in order to be healthy rather than just to look good, and my weight is healthy, so my family just makes me insecure when they tell me those things. And I can look in the mirror and see curves that my friends see, and I like my curves, but that's not all I see. Even if my legs were thinner (which isn't likely since it's genetic) and my stomach was flatter, I still don't think I would be comfortable with my appearance (although I would be happier with it).

  • Skinnier than what I am (size 2-4)

    Tiny waist

    High, round, perky, butt

    Super long hair

    That's pretty much all I'd like to change about me. I don't think they are unrealistic goals, they just take a little hard work. My appearance isn't really bad, but I want to look gorgeous.