Ladies, can you honestly tell me what body shape looks best on guys? Should I keep lifting weights?

am planning to start working out, but I'm curious how far should I go. what sort of back do you girls find most attractive and is mine ok? I don't mean to sound conceited because I'm truly not. I actually do not ever show off my body just because I am in general not a show off kinda guy. so girl am I ok

thanks in advance




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  • In all honesty? I don't like a guy that's majorly ripped. I think your picture is fine the way it is! Just don't over think it. As long as you take care of yourself and YOU feel good about yourself that's all that matters. If the only thing a girl is looking for is how good your body is, then she isn't worth it. She's probably conceited herself. Being completely confident and feeling good about yourself is way more attractive then someone who is wondering if they're good enough in someone elses eyes. Don't think about so much as to what others would want you to be. So don't go to extremes! As long as your being yourself, being friendly, and confident then you'll be fine. :)

    • Thank you, I know personality matters most but I wouldn't mind improving my body too. :) again thanks

    • Yeah I think its great that you want to get more in shape, just don't over do it is all I'm saying :)

      No problem!

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  • Insecurity is not something that we look for in a man, so be how you think you should be. You should seek your own comforts first, so I can't really guide you in any direction. I think you should just start exploring workouts to see what suits you best and what kind of diet or plan you'd need to have to achieve your body goal. Just in general, a guys muscles isn't all that matters to us, they only become a plus if his personality is worth it. If we see that you take care of your body and you care about your image, that's what matters to us the most. You could be the hottest guy in the gym but a complete waste of relationship time. I could never understand why guys think they need to be the biggest or most toned thing strutting around, just being healthy is enough. And please... Don't be in the gym, see an attractive girl and suddenly start groaning and straining like it's "suddenly" so heavy, if it were that heavy it would have been before we walked by. It's not hot, it's annoying and funny! Good luck He-man!

  • First off, nice katana.

    Personally (girls' tastes vary quite a lot, so don't be discouraged) I would definitely prefer if you worked on your midsection and upper arms. You have broad shoulders so bigger upper arms will probably do better to balance them out.

  • agree with sweet hearts. defined backs are sexy and broad shoulders. I'm not crazy about six packs or whatever. like when I hug a guy I want to feel his shoulders are strong. I don't know I'm weird :P. I also agree with being happy with how you look and feel is what's most important when working out and being healthy.

    • Haha thanks, yeah I'm not planning on going over the top but I think it woudl be good just to improve certain things

  • YOU STill NEED to work on your body so hard, Go to a gym alot! SO YOU CAN SHOW SOME strong muscles in the chest and in the arms and to get a strong back.

    the way you stand is wrong!so it makes your back LOOKS awful . Head up try to put books on your head and walk with it a lot so you can have a healthy stand lol seriously! you don't stand that healthy stand which makes you look confident.

    • Yeah I noticed the posture thing too.

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    • Yeah take care of it Because it is that key which makes anyone looks confident.

      it is really important.

      also you can try standing 6 or 5 minutes everyday against the wall so it can help you a little bit.

      But using weightily books on your head and walking with it is really more helpful then that,trust me,i had an awful posture ages ago.

    • Thanks :)

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  • Hey man I'm a dude but I kind of have some experience with this stuff... I'm kind of a skinny/lean type of guy but have some pretty defined muscles too. I don't think all women like guys that are COMPLETELY ripped like it can seem sometimes. Just work out enough where you like the results and you feel a little stronger every couple weeks or so. Don't push yourself too hard either, these things take a lot of time and patience. But in the end I promise it will make you feel great (gives your brain lots of serotonin and endorphins which is really good for you) and it should boost your self-esteem. The funny thing is that as make it part of your lifestyle, then the worries about what people think of you -- especially how you look -- start to fade. Hey I'm not saying that you'll love how you look, but it's definitely more tolerable when you're working out or exercising each day and feel like you're getting somewhere. Best of luck, you should look forward to it because it's fun :)

    • Thanks for the advice man, I'm not planning to get too ripped but I woudl like to see results. I don't mind pushign things though as long as I get somewhere :)

    • You make a very good point: a lot of time and patience. I'll add it also takes a good diet. You'll soon realize that the small amount of time you take out of each a day returns a great benefit.

  • Not a girl, but start working out. Don't do it to get girls. Do it for the health benefits: more energy, less stress, and a overall sense of well being.

    • Thanks, yea I just plan on doing it for the health mainly if I'm honest but while I'm at it I think tryign to look better is good too :)

    • You'll look good and feel good, but it does take before you'll say: "damn, I look good." It doesn't take a lot of time to say: "damn, I feel really good." Don't spend a lot of time lifting; no more than 60 minutes. Workout your lower body(legs), just as hard, if not harder, than you work out your upper body.

    • I agree with you.

      I think he should do it for himself so he can feel comfortable with him self and to be healthy too.

  • What sort of back? Um, the girls that care about body looks usually care more about the front (abs and pecs) and the arms.

    • I like muscular and well defined backs. they're sexy

      there's too much focus on abs. I don't even like them... bahhh

    • Oh yes your right, I will probably aim to get that as well thanks