Girls, What Are Your Underwear Preferences?


What kind of underwear or lingerie do you like to wear?


Styles (thongs, bikinis, briefs,g strings etc.)


Types (Sexy, comfy, cute, flirty etc.)

And what underwear do you like a guy to wear?

Is everybody ashamed of their skivvies?


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  • no, I don't think so...xD I think bobs should make a girl feel sexy. Its not the same for everyone, so ...

    style: thongs (if in lulus) bikini in anything else.

    colourss: I have a few animal print ones, a few lacy ones..loots of bright coloured ones.

    style: it really depends on what I'm wearing, or who's gonna see them. not really attracted to the whole..tidy-widy ones...boxers are surely my thing.

    easier to take off, too.


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  • I mostly get underwear from victoria`s secret because I know my size and what I fit into there so it`s easy. Their stuff is comfy, good quality, AND pretty, and it`s hard to find all those things in one sometimes.

    I prefer to wear natural, breathable fabrics so I have mostly cotton. I want to try some silk ones, but I`m having a hard time finding real silk as opposed to satin (which tends to be icky nylon or polyester). I find most lace to be itchy, but if it is unusually soft I can sometimes wear it.

    Everything I have right now is either a bikini or a hiphugger. I have never had a thong but I have been thinking about getting one.

    My best colors are black, blues, and pinks. I like pretty and unique patterns (I happen to have a pair with peacocks and gazebos on it; it`s my favorite).

    Comfy is a must for me; uncomfortable undies make me feel icky and distracted all day. But I`m not too bad at finding ones that are both comfy AND pretty.

    I don`t really know what I prefer when it comes to guys` underwear... I mostly prefer boxers I guess. I think it`s absolutely disconcerting when guys wear thongs, I do know that much.

  • All different kinds & depends on my mood. I buy a lot of Victoria's Secret underwear but I am finding some other stores have really cute stuff too. So, I have mostly "bikini" style in every color or pattern. Those are what I wear the most. I have quite a few thongs -- black ones, lacy ones. I don't wear these as often but they make me feel sexy when I do. I mostly like cotton ones because they are comfortable but silk or lace are good too. For guys - DEFINITELY boxers! Oh god, you guys look hot in those!

    • Thats cool, my personal favorite are the regular cotton ones that say "victoria's secret" on the waistband. I don't know why, but they are so hot!

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    • Oh, thanks for giving me best answer! And regarding boy shorts, I thought they were SO cute and thought guys would like them but I've heard an number of guys say they don't like them. So, I only have one pair. But, I think they are cute.

    • The VS String bikinis are hot too :D

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