Beauty Tips, How Can I Be Pretty and Sexy For My Boyfriend?

I'm 16 & I have my very first boyfriend & we've been going out for 3 months.I don't expect him to tell me I'm pretty or sexy or good looking,so I'm not trying to come off as whiny or high maintenance,but I get slightly jealous cause most of my friends boyfriends compliment them,but I know it isn't his job to do it.But he does compliment other girls in front of me that they are pretty or sexy. and he always looks at other girls in front of me,which I don't say anything about cause I don't want to be a whiny girlfriend.

I workout 5 days a week for 1 hour,30 minutes.

My skin care routine:


Face Wash-L'oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser

Moisturizer-Biore Fusion with SPF 30


Face Wash-Neutrogena Foaming Face Wash or L'Oreal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser or Clearasil Daily Face Wash

Moisturizer-Biore Hard Day's Night or Neutrogena Light Night Cream

My Make-Up:

Liquid Foundation-L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Make-up

Translucent Powder-NYC Translucent Powder

Maybelline Black Kohl Eyeliner and Liquid Eyeliner.I don't apply it heavy,just a light line on the bottom and the same on top.(I don't like heavy eye make-up)

I dress girly sometimes,but usually I wear Jeans,a T-Shirt & Converse,but I don't always dress like that.

I straighten my hair with my baby CHI,I usually wear it down,it's shoulder length cause I got it cut to try something new.

So what can I do to make him think I'm pretty or sexy?Is there something I can do?

I mean,I see the girls he looks at and compliments and they are really really pretty,and I know I don't compare but I would like for him to think I'm pretty.

I'm 5'3 1/2 and I weigh 130 Lbs,so I am working on the losing weight part


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  • you should never try to change how you are for a guy. if he really likes you then he will love you for the way that you are. he won't want you to change in any way. also you shouldnt really put up with that noone deserves to have to put up with that. just tell him he can't act like that I mean really. love yourself for who you are. and if I was your height and weight I'd love it and be very confident in myself! be confidentand love who you are.