How do I match my semi dates dress?

My dates dress is a variety of colors.. It's black on most of it (bottom half mostly) then on top she described it as blue, green, and gold colors (which she said she knows it sounds ugly). She didn't want to show me because she wants me to wait and see but how do I match that? I have a black suit but what do I do about tie, vest, dress shirt, and corsage. Thank you :)


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  • It's simple for a guy. Black suit goes with white shirt and a blue or velevt red tie. Nothing fancy but you will look decent. Shoes can be black or brown. Brown is more relaxed and black is more formal.

    Men shirt color that are easy to wear are white and blue and maybe light yellow. Other stuff like green, pink, black, purple, red, yellow and such are harder to pull off. If you are not sure stick with white.

    Tie can have various pattern and colors but stick to dark blue or dark red.

    So black suit, deep red tie (or blue if you want to look less serious) with a simple pattern, white shirt and black shoes. Add in a silver colored clip tie and a silver colored belt buckle and you will look sharp and professional for every occasion.

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