How Can I Look More Attractive And Make Boys Notice Me?

I'm a girl, I'm not overweight, I have short blonde hair, and very tall. No one finds me attractive, so how can I look more attractive and make boys notice me? I neeeeeeed help!


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  • Well first you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is first. Now I don't know you but and I don't claim to know your self image level either. Butt you are tall I'm assuming you have long legs. Emphasis them. Go out wearing a cute dress that shows off your legs. Find your personal style and what makes you most comfortable if you haven't already.

    also if you have short hair try looking up different ways to style it that you like. And what is your best facial feature? Whether that is your eyes or your lips or cheeks make one your main focal point I personally go for my eyes I like to make eye contact with people and if accented right the human eye travels there first most naturally.

    and one thing I remember when I go out is; for people to find you attractive you have to find yourself attractive.

    Hope this helps some,


  • It's all in your attitude and body language. If you're uncomfortable being in your skin, it's going to show and turn people away. However, if you're oozing self confidence, you're going to attract people like crazy to you.

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