Some style suggestions for a clueless lad?

Hello there gals and dudes. I got a new job so I decided it's about time to upgrade that wardrobe - which is mostly filled with stuff I've been wearing since HS. But I'm a 'grown, mature man' now in my 23 (yeah, I've barely been shopping in the last 5 years) and something has to be done about this. Thing is, I'm totally clueless when it comes to that alien activity. Don't get me wrong, I do have an idea about what my style is, it's just... I don't know what to look for. I'll give you a brief outline of some 'tenets' I follow when dressing:

- Keep it simple yet presentable.
- Keep it stylish enough to impress the girl next door yet comfortable enough to get in a street fight.
- Black, white, grey. All other colors, with the exception of blue, I don't like them on me.
- No, no, absolutely NO sheep trends, even if they are considered 'fashionable'.
- The core of my wardrobe are T-shirts and jeans. I do like casual shirts very much, though.

I know it sounds a bit 'boring', but it's how I feel confident and happy when dressing. There have been times when girls have even complimented my style (a few). I still need that upgrade, though, because some of those clothes are wearing out and I'd like to try new outfits. If you think it might help, here are some of my characteristics: I'm of average height (175 cm, 5'9 I think?), kinda fit, neither bulky nor skinny (I used to box and lift so there's still some muscle definition which I will return to some day). My face is considered handsome towards cute, I do have some stubble, and my hair is short on the top and mildly trimmed on the sides and back. As for my personality, I'm easy going, a tiny bit shy and I'm a learning guitarist who absolutely freaking loves rock music - something that is reflected in my style (which is 'casual rock', no thorns, chains or mouth gags included!).

All in all, I'm looking for something casual yet nice to look at. I kinda know what I want, I just don't know what I'm looking for!


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  • Your style sounds pretty good already! You have to clean your wardrobe first, give away all the stuff that don't fit or you don't wear anymore. And write down what you need.

    Here are some stuff I can think of, judging by what you said: leather jacket, black coat, striped T-shirts or blouses, leather boots, skinny or straight leg jeans and pants with no rips

  • With your body type id say you should look at some slimmer fitting clothing that will show off your fit body. You shouldn't have problems with pants length like my 6'3" brother does, thank god, so you have some freedom with that. I'd say lean towards darker pants and lighter tops to avoid looking like one huge block of the same color. If you can't live without t-shirts, look for some v-necks or round collared shirts that don't have band prints on them (as much as I love band prints, they don't fit in a job setting)! I personally love a guy who can rock a nice v-neck. Also I don't know if it's cold where you are, but if you need a jacket/sweater to stay warm on the average day I'd suggest a leather jacket (for casual days) and a blazer or sport coat for work.

    Hope this helped!

    • Thank you, you do have some nice suggestions in there. Only problem is I kinda hate v-necks. And I'm not the band print type of rocker :) As for the job, don't worry about that, they supply their own clothes.

    • Lol, I understand not everyone is about the V neck life! Good good, If there's anytring specific you wanna ask me about wearing I'm up for talking about it by the way 😃

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