Imagine your Ideal Boyfriend/Girlfriend....

Describe Him/Her? :) I'm trying to figure out what people are attracted too, if your wondering why I ask x_x lol <3


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  • well at least to me I always move towards the personality. sweet, caring, makes me laugh, treats people with respect, well liked. I think if you have a good personality even if u're not that attractive it'll overpower that. its like a gorgeous person that is a bitch, or a douche, and you can't even stand to look at them. you just gotta look in yourself and see where your priority lies.

    • I see.. but looks are kind of important there like the first impression not that is should be more important than personalitys but ya know it plays and good part in it (:

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  • Blue eyes, brown hair, 6'2", smart, good looking, funny, sweet, cute, fist pumpin' champ, silly moose, etc. lol too perfect to describe fully.