Girls, I can't braid my own hair cause I dont know how plus I dont have the patience for it. is there a tool out there that can braid the hair for me?

IF SO: what is it called? where do you get it?


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  • Nope... Either braid it yourself or go to a hairdresser every time - but that's not cheap.


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  • @benthurber might be able to tell you

    • Lol 'cept I can only reply to opinions.

      OP: I'm going to assume you have fairly straight hair, or at least not very curly. There are simple "twist braid" tools, but a french braid can only really be done by hand until it hangs. As far as a simple hanging three-plait braid, no such machine really exists and it would be pointless to use it on yourself even if I did invent it.

      Now, here's the easiest and cheapest way to get your hair braided. Go to an Society for Creative Anachronism event and find out where the usual weekly hangout spots are. There are lots of geeky girls who would 'love' to braid your hair every which way if you ask around and are friendly. I can't be held responsible if you end up loving the social environment and join up, though.

    • Told you he'd have a suggestion. LOL

      Srsly tho, you can also just look up African braiding in yr local area. There will be tons of girls who do it, and most of them will be REALLY good (most of them have probably been doing it on sisters/cousins/other family members since they were itty bitty little girls). Some will work in salons, others will just do it in their houses.

      You WILL have to sit there for a long time. Singles take 4-6 hours for a full head of hair. Micro's can take 8-12 hours, sometimes up to 16 hours if they're waist length.
      Those times are if just one girl is doing all of it. If a bunch of girls are doing it together, it will take less time -- just make sure they partition it the same way first.

      The time can pass pretty fast. Most girls can make good conversation, and, besides, you've got the internet on yr phone. LOL

  • Like cornrows or hanging braids?

    • um hanging? some girl did i think she called it french something. let say im super new to this.