Are waterproof makeup really waterproof?

I've heard some people saying that although it says "waterproof" it's not really waterproof and will wear off even without being around water


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  • when they use the term waterproof, I'm sure there is a disclaimer that specifically states it is not 100% resistant to water.


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  • Sometimes...
    waterproof mascara doesn't come off, i basically have to rip off eyelashes
    but "waterproof" brow pencil lasts a few seconds in water aha

  • Some are some aren't. Which one are u buying?

    • I wanted to buy the Mac waterproof foundation I told my friend about it and she said she bought it before and that it didn't work for her, she has oily skin do you think that could've been why it didn't work out for her?

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    • On nordstrom is the only place I know that does that! here a link!
      I bought: Mac eyelinder smug-but I am return it free tomorrow. Mac mascara- i like it so I am keeping it. I bought chanel bronzer I return it. haha So much more! You have 30 day to try it or money back I love that website like Gag! hahah

    • Ebay. com is good for buying cheap make-up but you can't return it! lol