Getting hair thinned; how is it done?

So I'm planning on getting my hair thinned out a bit soon but I'm afraid it will mess up my hair =/ First of all, my hair is naturally wavy and is medium thick. Not too thick, not too thin. How do the salons thin your hair out? Is there a special tool they use? How do they use the tool and does it get rid of chunks of hair? Do ALL salons use that particular tool? How much does it usually cost? Does the procedure take long? Sorry, a bit slow on hair style haha.


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  • the saloon use thining scissors to thin out your hair. or some shampoo (super skinny) so it will make your hair 50% feels and looks thinner. They might cut your hair into layers. It creates illusion of thinner hair. Get a haircut by texturizing scissors. Straightening hair with flat irons or hair straighteners can make it appear thin.You can also try to apply a thick coat of mayonnaise to the hair prior to washing and let it sit for half an hour. This may reduce the volume of hair considerably, or at least make it look thinner. Be careful while thinning curly hair as it may lead to the hair becoming frizzy if not thinned properly. Remember not to overdo it, or else you might end up looking funny.


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  • If your hair is really thick, course, and curly or wavy you shouldn't have them use thinning sheers. They'll f*ck up your hair. I think they're supposed to just cut the bulk out of it with regular scissors.


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  • I get my hair thinned. It's not advisable to get your hair thinned every time you get your hair cut, or you'll be stuck with a million fly-away hairs. The stylist will use a special scissor. It won't damage your hair, it'll just make it less thick. And it usually doesn't cost anything extra, it's included with your cut and color or shampoo, or whatever it is you get done. It takes like 30 seconds to be done.

    Hope this helps.

    • So I have to get my hair cut or colored or whatever in order to get it thinned?

      I can't just go in there, get it thinned and leave?

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    • Haha, thought so.

      Thanks for your help!

    • No problem.