Guys, would you wear men's lingerie?

Would you wear men's lingerie? I just saw an article about it and I was wondering how many guys would actually would wear lingerie.

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  • I do not think that I would wear lingerie! I have a very large collection of underwear but I do not think that I could wear lingerie. I guess it would depend on what it looked like. I might give it a try "hell i would try anything once. If my significant other bought it for me and wanted to see what it looked like on me I would wear it for her. after all it is about her pleasure. But to just wear lingerie just to wear it I don't think so!


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  • is that like the elephant man thong people used to keep posting on here? lmao

    • I can't post the link because of the content of the pictures.

  • No, I would never wear this stuff. I just took a look at what it's about and it doesn't appeal to me much.

  • I don't think it would look good on my body lol


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