It's what you are like on the inside that counts?

...but it's what you are like on the outside that MATTERS...

agree or disagree?


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  • When you first meet someone, all you have to go by are looks. You can become more attracted to someone as you get to know him/her better though. Looks and personality are both important.


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  • Agree.So true

    That's the fact.

    These days people think like that.

  • Both matters, first you have to like what you see, then love what he/she is.


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  • According to me, "counts" and "matters" are kinda the same.

    Could you explain it a bit?

    • Certainly.

      Counts in this context means the character of the person. You can be happy that whatever your situation that you count for something, that you contribute.

      But this is primarly a site about attraction and relationships amd what matters to others is lmost always physical, however much they say they like personality or GSOH.

      You don't get to what counts until you get past what matters

      agree or disagree?

    • I think I get it now, thanks a lot.

      So... I think I agree. Both looks and personality matters.

      Look is most often the thing that attracts other people at first, but from then on, it's the personality that keeps them hangin'.

      In some cases, though, it can be different. Some people may go for a person because of looks only, while other go for a person purely because of personality.

      You can get to what counts without even seeing what matters, if what counts is very, very outstanding to you.

  • unfortunately that's probably true. but I would rather date some mediocre looking girl that treats me nice than some real fine babe whoo treats me like sh*t. but that's me.