Girls, do you think guys who wear tank tops are slutty?

For instance, guys think its slutty when girls wear really short shorts, or deep cleavage shirts. I wanted to know if there was anything like that for girls.

If you answered yes, are there any other clothes you find slutty on guys?

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  • It depends. My ex wore tanks a lot in the wrong situations and I thought it made him look like a tool. I never told him of course... But tanks are cool at like casual outdoor parties and the beach, not so much in a lot of other situations. Especially not when he wanted me to dress up!

    • Yeesh... I'd never wear a tanktop that exposed as much as the picture. They barely cover his nipples!

    • Yeah... Tell me about it! It's great for like a boat, but not do much for day to day situations. I was always a little embarassed.

      Something like this looks classier, but still shouldn't be worn to dinner or anything, IMHO.

    • Yeah, I'd be ok with wearing one like that^^^