What do you usually wear under board shorts when swimming?

I've always wondered what other guys wear under their board shorts when in the water? Do you wear something different than what you normally wear when not swimming? What material is it? Why do you wear what you wear? Feel free to comment too

  • Briefs
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  • Boxer briefs / trunks
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  • Boxers
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  • Speedo
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  • Compression shorts
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  • Nothing, I let it show!
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  • Other, please post in comments!!
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What Girls Said 2

  • The guys on my team just wear speedos and jammers

  • Guys I know usually wear boxers or nothing


What Guys Said 4

  • speedos, cause i don´t want to let stuff show through the pants when it´s wet and sticks to your body as soon as you come out of the water xD

  • I wear nothing. I enjoy the freedom

    • Haha I like your style! Have u ever noticed anyone who was surprised when they looked at u and your dicks showing?

    • I have noticed a couple of people who have seen my dick showing. I just walk away and carry on.

  • Wait we're supposed to wear something underneath?

    • Um, haha, ya. Don't your board shorts get plastered to you dick and show it to everyone who looks at you when they r wet?

    • Oh I don't really know I never saw it that way... I actually have swaimming class at my school and it starts on Thursday so thanks for the heads up.

  • Speedos

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