How do I get better at fashion?

So I'm not always the best dressed. I've been thinking and I'd really like to dress better for myself. What's the best way to start? If you consider yourself a fashionable/trendy person, what are your tips and how did you start?


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  • the first step is to clean your wardrobe from everything stained, old, ill -fitting and that you never wear. Then you see if you have the basics, and you note down what you need. The basics or staples are the clothes you wear in most outfits, and they should be of good quality. First you wear the base of the outfit, and then you add a statement piece on it. eg if you wear a simple pair of jeans and a black jacket, you can wear a bold blouse with it. Finally come the accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, watch, a messenger bag etc.


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  • A few general things:
    - Fit is important. It also tends to be challenging since you're probably growing, and on top of that may have a body shape that's atypical of grown men, so it makes it harder to get clothes that fit. A clothing item from a cheap brand that fits you perfectly will likely look better than some theoretically nicer piece that doesn't fit. It doesn't matter how your clothes look on a hanger, it matters how they look on you.
    - context is important. A well cut tuxedo can make a man look good, make his shoulders look a little more solid and emphasize the V shape of his torso. Its also classy and exudes taste. It would also make you look like a complete asshat in most situations. That's an extreme case, but style is about looking good in the situation you're in.
    - be aware of fashion, but I'd say 'nod' to fashion, be more concerned with what looks good on you. This is true for men and women, but even more so for men. Avoid being completely out of style, but don't jump fully in to a style unless you like it AND it suits you.

    Beyond that?
    Look around, see what you like, see what looks good to you, try websites that discuss types of fashion you're interested in.


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  • Google my friend!

    • Well when I do try to look for the latest fashion, I usually only get formal attire or clothing for cold climate, both of which I don't need

    • Ohhh! I shop at free people but its expensive!!

  • I just wear whatever I like

    • Lol of course I want to do the same, but I also think the added self-confidence of me taking my time to dress would be nice

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    • When I wear whatever I like I look like shit.

    • lol I'm sure you do!!

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